Welcome to Verliance, Inc.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s in Our Name?

Verliance is derived from two words, Verus which is Latin for “true/real/proper/right” and Alliance which is defined as “a relationship in which parties agree to work together.”

The Verliance way:

  • It’s a way of doing business
  • A way of treating people
  • A way of showing others that there is a difference

At Verliance, it’s our people that make the difference, the difference between how the industry operates, to the what it can become, caring and compassionate.

Our employees are dedicated to making sure each person is treated with respect and dignity, to ensuring the most positive experience possible, and to believing we do make a difference. That is the Verliance Way.

To learn more, please contact your representative or call us at 877-643-4549 and someone will be happy to assist you.