Background checks are important to your company!

As an employer it can be overwhelming with the number of resumes received for a position with in your company. The background check can help you
determine if the information for a future employee provides is accurate and true.

Performing a background check is your opportunity to verify information provided by your future employee. It will reveal information that was intentionally or mistakenly left out. These reports are an effective risk management tool that can prevent or slash the chances of a poor hire.

Do you know who’s working for you?

What we provide in our background checks:

  • Address Details

  • City History

  • County History

  • Phone Numbers

  • Emails

  • Driver’s license information

  • Criminal Records

  • Current Vehicle Information

  • Professional Associations

  • Professional Licenses

  • Weapon Permits

  • Evictions

  • Bankruptcies

  • Judgments

  • US Business Associations

  • Liens

And much more…

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