We do more than just collect money. We’re a full service agency, in every sense of the word. Whatever tool or report you can dream up to help you do a better job…chances are we already do it.

We are known in the industry as a fast-action agency. We collect more money, because we go to work faster and more aggressively. In many cases we will already have been to the debtor’s place of business… and collected your money… while the other guys are still typing the address on form letter number 1. What that means to our clients is that they get their money collected faster. We are ranked among the top agencies for percentage of total dollars collected nationwide. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing your debtors were being handled by the best in the industry?

We know our competition. We believe we can demonstrate that our proven methods and procedures will produce the best net recovery results in the industry, and our above par customer service representatives will make sure that you know exactly what we are doing for you. Of the money we collect, we recover 50% within the first thirty days, and 75% within the first eight weeks (60 days).

Our clients are our #1 priority. Unlike other agencies, we pride ourselves with exceptional customer service. Whenever a client has a need, we make their need a top priority no matter how small the request. Clients are of Utmost Importance.

We are a national, full-service agency with a full-time legal coordinator on staff. We have access to private investigators in virtually any city where a significant amount of business is conducted. Our legal coordinator has forwarding attorneys in virtually every county in every state should litigation be necessary.

Most collection agencies have limited or no capacity to pursue debtors across international boundaries. We, on the other hand, have the ability to contact debtors virtually anywhere in the world. Our relationship with the United States Department of Commerce allows us to understand business practices as well as put us in contact with foreign government leaders to assist in the recovery process.

Not only do we provide debt collection nationally and internationally, we also provide skip tracing, and asset & liability searches as part our service; now that’s a Full-Service Agency.

One of the reasons we are faster and more efficient at collecting problem accounts is that we have the best collectors in the industry. We hire the best and they just keep getting better. Our collectors all have prior experience in debt recovery, most have over five years experience before coming to Verliance.

Verliance Inc is a leader in regards to the insurance industry. All  staff is  fully trained and  experienced in premium audits, overpayment calculation, bonds, with a national network of insurance debt collection attorneys. We believe in the importance of customer services and working together with your clients.

We are unique in the commercial collections industry. We maintain a nationwide network of field investigators in all 50 states, and we even work with several internationally. Our Investigators are licensed, bonded and credit-trained. Our network of field investigators allows us to develop a financial profile to assist in the collection process. It makes our clients’ debt the priority.

Less than 1% of our debtor placements ever go to Litigation because we either collect the money or we determine that they’re not worth pursuing legally. On those rare occasions when legal action is the only remaining option, through our legal coordinator, we have a network of collection attorney’s to litigate on our clients’ behalf. Just as we have private investigators throughout the country, our network of attorneys (cocounsel) have been screened, tried and approved. We can provide legal assistance in virtually any jurisdiction in the United States and several internationally…wherever a debtor is located.

Through the use of private investigators, we can either handle all the details of collateral recovery personally, or we can negotiate the details for our client or our clients’ agent to make the recovery at an appointed time and place.

We actually have a range of collection methods that allows our client to clarify how we approach each individual debtor. We can go from simple billing reminders to an audit approach to full scale collection methods. Each client has the choice in how a problem account is handled and is not bound by an inflexible system. We work with our client to tailor a specific approach necessary to collect specific accounts. In other words, a Customized Collection Program

Some agencies require a prepayment whether they collect or not. You pay for their “efforts” not their results. Our collection service is on a contingency basis. If we don’t do the job… we don’t get paid. It’s a Win-Win solution for our clients.

When our collectors get an agreement from a debtor to pay… we don’t have to play the game “the check’s in the mail.” Verliance has the ability to receive details of the check over the phone and draws funds directly from the debtor’s account. We focus in getting our clients money… Fast.

Clients can be assured that they will be kept up-to-date on all files placed with Verliance. Immediately after receiving a file for collections, we generate and forward an acknowledgment back to our clients indicating our receipt of the file. This lets them know we have begun work on their account. All clients have the option of receiving an individual status report on each file assigned detailing our collection activity. Clients also have the option to receive a Debtor Activity Report listing all files placed… providing a cursory overview on the accounts. Both reports are also available online for our clients to view any time. Another outstanding feature we provide is qonTango, our online file management program. This program allows our clients the ability to review accounts online through our website. Our clients have the ability to review and post notes, post payments, review invoices/remittances, and get an overall view of collection activity on each and every account. With qonTango, we also have document imaging capabilities allowing our clients to not only view information they sent to us, but the information/documents we receive from their customers. It is truly an interactive program taking client communications to another, much higher level. All information is available in real time. We are also a phone call away. We understand how valuable our clients’ time is. Our professional staff is here to handle inquiries promptly.

Debtor’s checks are deposited in our trust account. We make sure the funds are cleared (approx. 20 days) and then we pay our clients, minus our agreed upon percentage. We net remit funds to our clients on the 1st and 15th of each month. If required we can remit on the clients schedule as well.

At Verliance, we envision ourselves as an extension of our clients. We exercisethe ultimate care while pursuing debtors. Maintaining our clients’ goodwill and integrity is of paramount importance to us.